Monday, December 3, 2012

In which we visit our old pal Jon Stewart

Hey! Well, a few things have changed since we started this bucket list, four months ago. Chelsea acquired a second job (which she loves and kicks ass at), and I decided (somewhat impulsively) to go back to school part-time, on top of my new demanding full-time job.

This is all to say we’re sorry we fell off the grid for a while but we are still super motivated and loving our bucket list journey. In fact, we are quite proud and excited to announce, today on my beautiful, perfect bestfriendwife’s 27th birthday (and our 3-years-to-go date), that we have crossed off another item on our list!

As much as we’d like to triumphantly tell you that this all happened this week, that would be insincere. We actually completed this bucket list item... on October 10th. SURPRISE!!!! Bet you weren’t expecting THAT, were you? Oh, I suppose if you were following our blog, you might not be surprised at all cuz we totally told you this back in October. Not quite the climactic moment we were hoping for. But for all you newcomers, feel free to be super impressed by our ability to get things done, and blog about them... seven weeks later! So here it is:

 5.   Go to a taping of the Daily Show

So what went down? Well, first off, we met an Aussie fellow named Simon in line on the way in (of course we did). He was in the city celebrating his new lease on life, and when we told him about our blog, he was most interested in the concept. However, Simon actually thought we hadn’t taken our goals far enough -- can you believe that punk? He scoffed at our quest for 5,000 hits on Youtube, and said “That’s all? Why not shoot for 5,000,000? Aim for the stars and all that!” He had a very positive attitude and unique outlook on life. It’s always interesting to meet people and hear their take on our list. We’ve had all different reactions: excitement, intrigue, surprise, and even doubt (haters gon’ hate, after all), but Simon just seemed genuinely invested in our journey. It’s quite natural for people to automatically think about what they’d do with their own bucket list (and trust us, we love hearing your own goals!), but it was pretty cool to meet someone who wanted to hear every detail of the reasoning behind each item along with our plan to achieve it. We’re going to try to share more of that background information with you all moving forward, so you can have a better idea of just why this list is so important to us. 

Ok, back to The Daily Show. What else happened while we were in line? A generous (and politically ambiguous) stranger gave us these:

Ingredients: free enterprise, hard work, niacin, innovation, salt, energy production, smaller government, sugar, free trade, pro life, sodium, potassium carbonate, turmeric, efficiency, milk.
So, please weigh in, friends. Serious or jest? Dem or Repub? All proceeds (which were none since he was giving them out for free...doesn’t seem like the Romney business model) go to Habitat for Humanity. Sorry ‘bout that, Habitat. But seriously, what was that guy after?! And more intriguing: milk in ramen noodles? Really?

Moving right along. We were THE LAST people let into the studio. What a horrible disappointment we dodged there, after having left work hours early and allowed sufficient excitement to build up.

Destiny? Perhaps. More on our serendipitous evening...

The taping was great fun. On to what you really want to know - how was Jon?! Was he dreamy? Of course. Was he funny? Duh. Did he EXPLICITLY REFERENCE 2 GIRLS 1 CUP, THE SCAT VIDEO WE PLAYED OUR BLOG NAME OFF OF TO BE SIMULTANEOUSLY FUNNY BUT STILL EDGY WHICH REALLY HASN’T GOTTEN ANY PLAY SINCE LIKE 2007?!?! Check. Mate.

Yeah, that happened. It actually felt like we were MEANT to be there, sitting in that crowd, on that exact day. As soon as he said it, we freaked out. I thought you might be able to hear us exclaiming on the tape, but those sound engineers are really earning their keep, I guess (shout out to the crew who works tirelessly to make this awesome show, not to mention swiftly identifies illegal picture takers and deletes all evidence of said pictures from the taker’s phone, not that we’d ever do that AHEM). 

Note to self (selves?): when taking pictures in places where you have been told, in no uncertain terms, not to, make like it’s pre-1990s and DON’T REVIEW THAT ISH. We were victims to our generational need to approve a pic, rather than trusting in the powers that be (Simon) to take a halfway decent picture of us in The Daily Show studio. And he did. It was a crying shame to see it slip through our fingers and into the iPhone trash bin icon.

So, you’ll have to accept this mediocre snap of us in front of The Daily Show awning and use your imaginations for the inside of the studio where all the magic happens.

Aim for the Stars.
Well, it’s 11:59, about to be my birthday. I’m gonna get celebrating - BAI!