Tuesday, August 14, 2012

30 Under 30 Bucket List

1.   BUY A VW BUS!
2.   Hike the Grand Canyon, Rim to Rim
3.   Learn to surf
4.   Get out of credit card debt
5.   Go to a taping of the Daily Show
6.   Start a successful small business
7.   Become fluent in Spanish
8.   Bike a country
9.   Learn to fix a car
10. Become a band/write a song that we’re proud of
11. Play a live show
12. Grow a garden
13. Recover our lost trip to Ethiopia
14. Prepare an adult dinner party, complete with 5-course meal
15. Ride every train in NYC end to end
16. Get published
17. Design/construct a wearable outfit or piece of furniture
18. Hike Machu Picchu
19. Enjoy 15 minutes of fame
20. Visit Bonnie’s family in Ireland
21. Find Chelsea’s roots/uncover her family’s story
22. Create and raise money for our own humanitarian project
23. Get noticed/reblogged by Aziz Ansari
24. Learn to sail or fly
25. Go to a Mumford & Sons show
26. New Orleans Jazz Fest
27. Live somewhere else
28. Start retirement funds
29. Get 5,000 hits on YouTube
30. Drive across country, living in the bus.

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