Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh hello. We’re back.

2girls1bus, that is. Except without the bus. You might be thinking, "what’s left to write about?" We had the same question. We’ve been trying to find a way to return to blogging since our cross country trip fell under last May, but it’s been rough (if by this point, you have no idea what we’re talking about, you can catch yourself up here).

Anyway, we tried to buy another bus, to make another trip happen, but nothing worked out and it just doesn’t feel right without Prudence. She was a special lady. And we weren’t in the right place to go purchasing a bus and running off. We’re in our late twenties now. Responsibilities knocked.

We know, we know. That sounds like an insane, overly privileged, nonsense thing to say. We are having a hard time swallowing it, too. But it’s true. Life happened, and the two girls who were at a crossroads kind of ended up choosing their paths. At least for now. Our careers are taking off, and we’re not really in a transition period any longer. We’re happy with where we’re at, but also realize we’re not getting any younger.

We hear so much talk about traveling when you’re young. About doing the things you can only do when you’re young while you’re young (for the record, we think this mindset is bullshit - we fully intend to have adventures for our entire lives). However, the recent media attention on “getting it in” while you still can has got us thinking. Let’s just do this thing. Now.

So we created a “30 under 30” bucket list, starting on Bonnie’s 27th birthday (August 1, 2012), for us to complete by Chelsea’s 30th birthday on December 3, 2015. We have just forty months. To make, do, see, learn, visit, build, uncover, create, experience.

Like, imagine if we do this thing? How badass will that be? How amazing will the next three and a half years be? I mean, you don’t even have an inkling because you haven’t seen the list yet, but TRUST US; it’s going to be both badass and amazing! And we expect, pretty damn entertaining.

We’re ready. Are you?


  1. This is mothafluffing awesome. I can't wait to read all about it.

  2. Get out of credit card debt seems the hardest (for me at least). I also would like to request a dual appearance on either House Hunters or House Hunters International.

  3. How fun! I have a 30 before 30 list too, working hard to cross things off. Funny how the things that seem the easiest are sometimes the most elusive, and vice versa. I'll look for some checkmarks from you girls!!!

  4. Thanks for the support, guys! Vin, I don't think we're in the market for real estate any time soon, but maybe we can get them to do a special episode for us renting - ha.

    Amy, that is amazing! We would love to see your list if you don't mind sharing! :]]

  5. I've done Machu Picchu and it is insane